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—march 10th 2014

Check out the Generifus “song a day” project. This one is particularly good.


Brought out the phase and flange again for this one with some words today.. Gona be jamming with drums and stuff tomorrow hopefully…

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Sentimental Health

Cassette Lost Sound Tapes

Pop Rock

Dogbreth has been on my short list of hot new bands since before I started this blog. In fact one of the shows that inspired the blog was Iji/Megabog/Dogbreth/Generifus and my old band Spells. That show was the dawn of a new era in DIY pop in Birmingham for me in a lot of ways. I could tell there was something special going on. At that point Dogbreth existed as more of a folk punk project and Tristan played by himself on a beaten up acoustic. I could tell that his pop sensibilities went deeper than your average plan it x disciple (no disrespect, plan it x is rad). There were already hints of pop classics in the songwriting here and there. Every new thing I heard from Dogbreth rocked a little harder and stretched it’s legs melodically a little bit more. Sentimental Health finds the band as a well oiled slacker rock machine. Tyler (of Diners fame) provides some hot licks over these fuzzed out posi rock bangers, and their catchiness is unmatched. I hate to make this comparison because I feel like it could be taken the wrong way, but it’s like Wavves with significantly more well thought out songs and a sunnier attitude. If you like Wavves melodies but you’re trying to smoke weed less and play outside more you should give Sentimental Health a spin.

My favorite track is probably The Surface. It reminds me of a more indie rock Ergs!

You can listen to the whole record here.



"reasons for unhappiness occur every 5 to 10 minutes, but reasons for extreme joy occur more than 5 times every second. to be angered as easily as the hornet or the bull is to be as common as the name these animals have been given. are you the everyman? are you another number? yes, pain is real…

Tripp Norris was the vocalist of a litany of Birmingham punk bands and he was also an incredible writer and poet.

When it comes to mid 2000’s indie, Built Like Alaska is truly an overlooked gem. Check this song out. The production and instrumentation are so on.

Social Cancer is putting out a Legion discography.

Legion has long been one of Birmingham’s best kept secrets, outshining a majority of the most popular bands in hardcore all over the Southeast for years (they typically get billed as an opening band and put headliners to shame.) With members of Yaujta, Coliseum, Holiness Church of the Valley, and a slew of other heavy hit makers, Legion’s credentials speak for themselves. Social Cancer is putting out a 32 song retrospective of the band’s entire body of work. You can hear some of their pummeling hardcore here, and buy the tape at the link above.

This new Gas Rag track rips.

New Tapes

I’ve been jamming several new cassettes recently, and for a number of reasons I’m going to make one megapost for everything rad that I’ve acquired recently.

- Chiffon “s/t”

This cassette is like 90’s R&B songwriting being produced with new wave synth tones. Their live show is pretty bonkers. They’re a duo out of Baltimore. You can jam one of the songs from the tape here.

-Null “Fringe Existence”

Null is a Birmingham based collaboration between Carter Wilson (Coliseum, Legion, Dan Sartain, The Urns) and Kevin Wright (Holiness Church of the Valley, Legion). They have had many sounds, incarnations and lineups but the basis has always been hypnotic repetition and dark grooves. For several years they were one of the loudest bands around, now they might be one of the quietest. On Fringe Existence they’ve ditched the heaviness of their earlier work in the vein of The Body for something a little more morose a la PJ Harvey (whom they cover on this EP). The title track is my jam. Hear the whole EP here.

- Stephen Steinbrink “Arranged Waves”

It’s amazing that after last year’s stellar “I Drew A Picture" Stephen had another 15 song collection recorded in under a year! Arranged Waves explores his singer songwriter roots a little bit more than the synthy "I Drew a Picture". It would be nearly impossible to avoid an Elliot Smith comparison when it comes to songwriting. Steinbrink undeniably has his own unique guitar playing style though. Even among his Northwestern indie pop peers (Iji, Generifus etc.) he has carved out a really recognizable sound. I dont have a link for this one because there is some kind of re-release deal in the works I believe, so keep an eye out for that! You can listen to his extensive back catalog here, and here is a live video of him playing a track off of Arranged Waves.

- Meth Dad “Posi Vibes”

This one is positive electronic pop a la Dan Deacon, however it’s a bit less like a double shot of espresso and more like a green tea. The electronic positivity reminds me of an R&B tinged Animal Collective (Merriweather Post Pavilion era.) Listen to the whole tape here.

- Jim Shorts and Golden Blend “s/t”

This is a split long player between rural Maryland natives Jim Shorts and Golden Blend. These cassette recorded jems have all the charm of the 90’s Daniel Johnston stuff or early Plan it X releases. Probably my favorite acoustic bedroom pop release of 2014. You can listen to both sides of the split here.

- Foozle “Everything’s Casual”

Lo -Fi pop punk hooks abound on Foozle’s Everything’s casual. This one is a rocker and a ripper. My favorite track is Another Autumn. It’s a perfect balance of Dinosaur Jr riffage intro and Spraynard’s punk honesty. Listen to the whole thing here.