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Terror Pigeon makes some of the most honest and heartfelt pop in the game today with absolutely no pretense and overflowing enthusiasm. If this new single doesn’t tug at your heart strings a little bit you need to re evaluate your entire life because you are probably a callous heartless asshole. Let down your defenses and let Terror Pigeon in. Live it up before you die it up.

Hustle Strange by Drew Price

Drew Price’s newest project “Hustle Strange” finds him back on a twangy electric guitar after forays into minimalist electronica, hip hop production, and bedroom shoegaze. He’s back with a few new tricks up his sleeves and the record sounds a lot more polished than his earlier jangly guitar pop on records like Cat in the Rain. “Hustle Strange” is infected with a Lou Reed type of laid back cool. That cool classic rock feel is mixed with slices of outsider pop greatness like R. Stevie Moore’s meandering melodies and timings and Ed Askew’s intimate odball quality. Check it out above and buy the tape from Happenin Records.

Moral Authority does punk infused hardcore with the crushing simplicity and punk influence of contemporaries like The Flex or Hounds of Hate. This seven track demo has been in the works for way too long, but it was worth the wait. From the punk n roll intro to the surprise mosh part in track 6, this thing is wall to wall bangers. MA features members of other Bham extreme music heavyweights Counter and Love is a Black Widow.

Listen/purchase: You’re Not One Of Us by Moral Authority

One of my favorite dudes/producers (Arborist) teamed up with one of my favorite MCs/boundary pushers (Serengeti) a while back and did a tape called Firebird Logo. I’ve already made a post about the tape, but here’s a video for the title track.

Circle Change by Delay

Delay’s latest record is over all even more slowed down and minimalist than their previous LP Rushing Ceremony. It’s hard not to make 90’s comparisons with the crushing almost Hum like guitar tones and dragging grungy tempos of songs like album opener “Explanation” and track 8 “Endless”. Those ultimate slow jams are balanced by the power coupling of tracks like 3 and 4 (“Don’t Worry Now” and “Blood let Summer” respectively) which are both bouncy power pop masterpieces. This records sparseness gives everything room to breathe and with lyrics and song writing this powerful that can only be a good thing. I’ve said it before, but if this were the 90’s Delay would be up to their necks in radio hits. This record brings their powerful and direct rock to a slightly darker place. It’s a little bit less Weezer and a little bit more Mineral than Rushing Ceremony. Great band. Great record. Great guys. Give it a listen above, and pre order it over at www.salinasrecords.com!

I’ve been in a funk lately blogging wise, but Diners “Always Room” has lifted me out of my blog fog. This album is so good, I have to tell the world! Diners are one of a slew of criminally underrated gems from AZ (see Dogbreth). “Always Room” is their debut LP and it delivers the same catchy pop that could be found on their first two EP’s, but with a little bit more polish. It has all the charm of Mac Demarco, but with a bit less schtick and a bit more sincerity. While their straight foreword lyrics could be compared to Demarco or Best Coast, theres a level of honesty and transparency here that you don’t get from the aforementioned bands. The songs on this record have a great ebb and flow end to end, from rockers like “Good Zone” to the laid back instrumental “Daydream Receiver” Diners cover enough ground to keep you listening while keeping things cohesive and bouncy enough that you’ll never have to skip a track. This is a seriously catchy record. Listen to it! I pre-ordered the vinyl over at phatnphunky.com : "Always Room" by Diners

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—march 10th 2014

Check out the Generifus “song a day” project. This one is particularly good.


Brought out the phase and flange again for this one with some words today.. Gona be jamming with drums and stuff tomorrow hopefully…

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