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The Green Seed- Crack Kills

I’m going to break the pace slightly here and post a video. This is the video for “Crack Kills” by Birmingham’s own The Green Seed. Green Seed is KILLING it right now. Opening for the likes of Wu Tang’s GZA and up and comers G-Side, 2011 has been a huge year for these guys. I’ve got a ton of respect for The Green Seed. They’ve been putting in work almost as far back as I can remember. In about 2004 they were the first hip hop act EVER to play legendary DIY space Cave9. In 2011 they were the first hip hop act to play my basement, God’s Butt. They’ve been breaking down barriers in Birmingham for a long time. The Green Seed’s R-Tist once recorded a cover of Jawbreakers “Oyster” …and it was cool. In addition to being some of the most solid and respectable dudes around; THEY’VE GOT BARS. Green Seed’s flow is always inventive, and they’ve been known to cover topics ranging from putting your hands in the air, to nine to fives and local politics. Green Seed may not be what you want a rap group to be. They don’t claim to be hood, they don’t pop champagne, but what they DO is create an interesting niche for themselves in the competitive and often REpetitive rap game.

Tist’s ode to mass media “Crack Kills” features the refrain “Kill ya television.” How punk is that? My favorite rhyme in the song is:

"My TV says that I lack. My TV says that I’m black. Play team sports and wear baggy shorts, smoke Newports, but never listen to Bjork. I’m dissin ya media dorks because I’m more than just a meaningless fork who digs into meaningless pork. I consume products of all sorts." 

Kiss his ass and suck his dick, everyone.