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The Green Seed

"Crack Kills b/w Preservation"

7” Communicating Vessels


Birmingham’s best and brightest emcees have finally put something on wax! They’ve got an extensive back catalog, but this is their first 7” and it couldn’t come at a better time. They’ve been gaining steam all year opening for the likes of G-Side, Jurassic 5, and GZA as well as some TV appearances and a spot on the main page of AOL Music. In case you weren’t following me, here’s my blurb about the video for the track on the A side of this record Crack Kills

I’ve basically said what I need to say about Green Seed when I posted the Crack Kills video. They rule.

Become hip to it here. Buy it here (it’s pricey, but the packaging is pretty rad. Gatefold 7”!)

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