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"Plain Language"

CD/LP Salinas Records

Power Pop

Delay is a band from Ohio fronted by twin brothers. Their latest record “Plain Language” is a power pop gem. This record feels to me a little bit like sped up Superchunk. It seems like they’ve sped it up so that you’ll understand how desperately they want you to hear these songs. Like they’re blurting it all out while they have your attention. They can also deliver more hooks per minute this way. For example, Whisperer bounces through what feels like a couple songs worth of riffs in a minute and forty three seconds. I’ve also got to mention how awesome the twins voices are. Theres this grandiose vibrato and throaty opera quality that most punk ish bands wouldn’t dare try, but delay goes there, and it works, and it’s great.

Here’s my favorite song from the record Lake Eerie Back Float.

I bought the LP when I saw them last night. You can buy it here.

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