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Sister Faith

CD/LP Temporary Residence



Coliseum has been a staple of the metal/punk scene as long as I can remember. I was a teenager the first time I saw them and I’ll be 25 this month, so you do the math there. On their last two records, The House With a Curse LP and Parasites EP the band has been moving away from the busy, technical heaviness of it’s earlier efforts and settling into a more rock and roll sound akin to a heavier Hot Snakes. Hot Snakes own Rick Froberg actually did the art for the Parasites EP (which is awesome.) Sister Faith finds the band really stretching it’s legs. It’s a natural progression, not only of the most recent records but of the bands whole catalog. The first two tracks “Disappear From Sight” and “Last/Lost” live in the same ripping territory that Coliseum’s long time fans are sure to be psyched on, real motorcycle in the desert music, but rather than staying at that blistering pace the album has a series of ebbs and flows that move in and out of several tempos and textures. I think my favorite departure on this album is the downtempo, almost PJ Harvey-esque groove of the B side’s opener Everything in Glass. It churns with a dark swampiness that balances the fast and furious rock of songs like “Dissapear From Sight” perfectly. The album isn’t out yet, but it’s closer Fuzzbang has an awesome video that’s you can see at the adjacent hyperlink. Fuzzbang may be the most triumphant Coliseum song ever, and it’s a perfect close to the bands most adventurous record to date.

P.S. The packaging is great, the insert is a 16 page zine of artwork from the bands own graphic design wizard Ryan. The record it’s self (or at least my copy) is a purple splatter vinyl with little hits of translucent green, and it looks incredible, especially paired with the cover art. Temporary Residence has really been pushing the packaging envelope recently. Anyone else see that Explosions record that folds out into a house!? You can preorder Sister Faith from Temp Res here.